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Gem Water will elevate the vital need of hydration to do more for your mindset AND your health

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A step outside the jewelry box into one of the hottest and most invigorating gifts of the year, we have introduced a new member to the Woodrow Jewelry family: Gem Water by VitaJuwel.

Based on energy transformation, certain crystals and blends of crystals combined with tap water neutralize harmful substances, improve pH value and oxygen content, and increase mineral bioavailability. This holistic approach has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the medical practices of ancient Greece, and even when natural spring water may have been the only way to access healthy water without quartz crystals.

gem water by vitajuwel wellness crystal water bottle with quartz

In our collection, we offer Wellness, Harmony, Balance, Purity, Momentum, and Love. Wellness features Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. So what’s the big deal with some pink, clear and purple things sitting in the bottom of your water bottle, besides being insanely cute? Well, according to VitaJuwel, Rose Quartz has incredible impacts on health such as improving circulation and strengthening the heart, and helping skin feel soft and velvety. The Clear Quartz helps to improve pain and distribute energy while increasing the effects of other crystals it works alongside. Amethyst is said to relieve tension, improve bruising and swelling, and lower blood pressure. Balance has the clear quartz as well as sodalite, which helps with quenching thirst, and helping the throat, larynx, kidneys, and bladder. The Momentum water bottle has this unique gemstone blend: Chalcedony, Milky Opal, and Moss Agate. They all work to lower blood pressure, improve your lymphatic system, aid the respiratory and urinary systems, and help with anxiety and stubborn colds.

Each one of these amazing water bottles has their crystals sealed tightly in a lead-free glass to only release the energy signatures of each special crystal and none of the contaminants that can be within the crystals themselves. Simple drinking water hasn’t been this reinvented since the creation of bottled water. 


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