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Shinola Detroit - The American Brand with Women in mind

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The American-made, American-born, and Swiss-inspired brand, Shinola, has made a heartwarming and stylish addition to the Woodrow Jewelers of Rye, NY luxury brand family. The newly founded company, in comparison to brands like Breitling and Luminox, made its debut in 2011 with one of the original founders of the Fossil Group, Tom Kartsotis. Interestingly, no company in the United States mass produced timepieces since the 1960s, therefore the release of Shinola’s first tagline, “Where American is Made,” came as no surprise. Headquartered in Detroit, expert watchmakers were partnered with future Shinola watch assemblers and began to learn their craft. Now, with over 400 employees working at this USA-based company the impact of new jobs as well as new skills is palpable. 

With quartz movements, fine leather, and unique designs, the first released watch was the Shinola Runwell came in March of 2013, selling out less than two weeks later. The excitement for the brand and their emerging style was on the rise and by the fall of 2014, their limited-edition women’s watch in partnership with well-known fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, was released and was dubbed “The Lattice”. 

The Lattice by Shinola womens watch inspired by Oscar de la Renta

The piece comes in a gift set with a hardcover book highlighting Oscar de la Renta and his work, as well as dazzling white mother-of-pearl dial, faceted sapphire crystal and stainless steel case, black leather alligator strap, and signature mosaico crown.

Today, collections for women by Shinola have expanded in a parabolic direction with several iterations that steel the spotlight:

The Birdy featuring a petite, narrow band or bracelet in stainless steel, various gold colors (rose gold, white gold, yellow gold), and leather straps in various colors (brown, pink, green, and slate blue), the iconic round case with large, Arabic numbersThe Birdy in Rose Gold by Shinola Womens Watch
The Brakeman instantly recognizable with its square case with round face in various leather and stainless steel or gold bracelets/bands

The Brakeman by Shinola womens watch with brown alligator leather strap and mother of pearl case

The Gomelsky stunning details of the gold, coin-like edge of the case and the rounded square design work seamlessly with the super-luminova hands and indices. The bracelets are available in leather (black, pink, etc) and stainless steel

The Gomelsky by Shinola womens watch in rose gold and stainless steel

The Runwell 
one of the designers first collections which features sapphire crystal, super-luminova printed dial details, Arabic numerals, and is available with various cases and bracelets

The runwell by Shinola womens watch in stainless steel gold and mother of pearl

The Runwell Coin Edge akin to the original, this piece features the unique coin-edged case design also seen in the Gomelsky collection
The Runwell Moon Phase one of the more unique takes on the classic Runwell collection includes the tracking of lunar phases. The dial is slate blue with the center revealing the ever-changing activity of the moon

The Runwell Moon Phase by shinola women's watch

Whether your style sings to the tune of a bracelet watch or a leather strap watch, any woman would be ecstatic to wear a piece symbolic of America that competes with heavy hitters like Gucci and Rolex. The new arrivals continue to make their way into our store with gracious approval by employees and customers alike. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this growing, luxury watch-making giant. 

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